Hidden Gem Daiquiri Dive, Second Ward, #NeighborhoodSpotlight #movemetotx

For this week’s #NeighborhoodSpotlight, join us as we meet with Renee Ybarra, the bar manager of Voodoo Queen Daiquiri Dive. Voodoo Queen originally started out as a local dive bar, but due to a renovation they experienced in 2018, they have since re-emerged as a New Orleans/pirate inspired spot with daiquiris, rum drinks, and great food.

Voodoo Queen has come to be known for their strong daiquiris and specifically their amazing chicken tenders. The daquiris come in a variety of flavors and even come in hand blended options that include fresh fruit and ingredients. They are constantly running food and drink specials that vary from specially priced shots to 75 cent chicken tenders. You’ll just have to go in to check and see what they got going on every day!

For more information on Voodoo Queen, you can check them out at http://damngoodfoodcoldassbeer.com/vo…

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