Community Oriented Restaurant With Tons of Creativity, #NeighborhoodSpotlight #movemetotx

Meet a couple, Becca and Jason Kerr, who are a dream team when it comes to owning a combination restaurant and catering business. For this week’s #NeighborhoodSpotlight, join us as we talk to the Kerrs about their restaurant Little Kitchen HTX. It is located in Jersey Village and is a very recent installment to the community. They opened their brick and mortar store in September of 2020 and have been loving serving the community ever since.

What really makes the couple, and the business, unique is that they were both able to bring such vital and also creative ideas to the table. Becca in 2015 had originally started a praline company called Eat My Pralines where she would sell at various farmers markets. In 2017, she and Jason came together to start a pop up catering venture called Lowfi Praline that they would also bring to farmer’s markets across the community. Eventually, this pop up catering company evolved into what Little Kitchen HTX has become today, specializing in things ranging from farm dinners and private parties to quick grab and go meals.

For more information on Little Kitchen HTX and to check out their menu, you can visit them online at

Construction Company focusing on Custom Details in Townhomes, #NewYearNewHome #movemetotx

If you want to purchase a brand new home inside the loop, you should consider West Point Construction. They build both residential and commercial buildings, as well as custom homes. They also work with developers and investors to build townhome style homes in gentrifying areas throughout Houston. One of the things we love about West Point homes are the custom site-built cabinets, custom closets and shelving, and top-notch tile work and finishes

For more information on West Point, visit

Family Friendly Brewery with Alpine Roots, Garden Oaks Houston, #NeighborhoodSpotlight #movemetotx

Craft beer with an environment that can only be described as a mix of Houston industrial and Alpine Colorado. What’s not to love? For this week’s #NeighborhoodSpotlight, join us as we meet with Andy Dunn, the owner of Walking Stick Brewing Company in the Garden Oaks Neighborhood of Houston. They have been open since 2015 when Andy and his wife Angie decided to take the plunge and buy an old industrial building and breathe new life into it by starting the brewery.

Andy grew up in Colorado, but was brought down to Houston due to his previous career as a petroleum engineer. When he started this brewery, he really wanted to bring his love for the rocky mountains and the alpines to Houston. This is why his beer styles and names are derived from the Rockies, for example Conundrum Grapefruit IPA named after Conundrum Peak, and the tap room is decorated to feel as though you are in a floating alpine forest.

For more information on Walking Stick Brewing Company and to check out their menu and hours of operation, you can visit them online at

Home Builder Specializing in Quality Affordable Homes, #NewYearNewHome #movemetotx

If you’re considering purchasing a brand new home in the East End, Fifth Ward, or inside the loop, you’ve got to check out Vecino Homes! They are a residential home developer committed to designing beautiful, high-quality communities that allow new homeowners to move in worry-free. By incorporating custom, designer-selected finishes into our houses, our clients can purchase a valuable home without a higher price tag.

You can learn more about Vecino Homes at and if you’d like to schedule a tour of one of their beautiful homes, give us a call today!

Custom Land Rover Defender Rebuilds, Houston Heights, #NeighborhoodSpotlight #movemetotx

If cool cars are your thing, then you’re going to love this week’s spotlight. For this week’s #NeighborhoodSpotlight, join us as we meet with Kyle Eddings, the owner of Warren Defender. Warren Defender is a car shop that specializes in rebuilding Land Rover Defenders in their shop in the Heights.

Something that sets Warren Defender apart is the fact that they do all of the rebuild at their shop. They look at each job as a work of art and want to ensure that it is created in a way that enables it to be of the highest quality and workmanship. They also take custom orders for rebuilds so they are able to give customers exactly what they’re looking for in their Defender rebuild. The Defender is not as common of a car in the United States as it is in the United Kingdom so that adds even more of an element of uniqueness to their company and what they do.

For more information on Warren Defender and to look at their current inventory you can visit them online at

Houston Heights Restaurant with Expansive Wine Program #movemetotx

If you like handmade pasta and freshly made food, check out this week’s #NeighborhoodSpotlight! Join us as we meet with Brian Doke, one of the managing partners at Savoir Restaurant. The facade of Savoir may look familiar, as it previously was an old, abandoned warehouse in the Heights that has been transformed into the stylish and exciting restaurant it is today.

Savoir pride themselves as a Chef driven restaurant that focuses on “from-scratch” cooking with seasonal changes. Some of their top sellers are the burger (with curly fries), the scallops, and their handmade pastas, but the menu is very versatile and approachable.

Check out their menu and hours at

Specialized Counseling and Therapy Practice, Heights Houston, #NeighborhoodSpotlight #movemetotx

For this week’s #NeighborhoodSpotlight, join us as we meet with Jess and Jill, the co-founders of Truth Tribe. The first group that Jess and Jill had together was back in October of 2015 and they’ve been helping people with their counseling and services ever since.

Truth Tribe is a therapy and counseling center that offers services to a variety of demographics and groups, but their main focus has been on high school aged and more recently middle school aged girls. They offer individual counseling as well as group counseling and even offer something called yoga + talk which allows teenagers to have therapy in a more unconventional and perhaps more comfortable setting. Their goal is to be able to help people figure out what they don’t want in their life and give them the guidance to get to the life that somebody envisions having. They like to say: Truth sets us free.

For more information on Truth Tribe, you can visit their website at

Unique Sand Volleyball Bar & Restaurant, #NeighborhoodSpotlight #movemetotx

Enjoy sand volleyball? Then check out this week’s #NeighborhoodSpotlight, as we meet with Aly Valiani, the owner and managing member of Wakefield Crowbar. Wakefield Crowbar recently changed ownership in November 2019. The main draw of Wakefield Crowbar is the three sand volleyball courts, and also their expansive food and drink offerings.

One thing that Wakefield Crowbar is known for are their community events. Since they are located in a neighborhood area, they really wanted to try to cater to that community as well as the Greater Houston area. You can always find something going on — like live sports events, live music, steak nights, and trivia. On top of that, they are family friendly until 10 PM so it really cements their spot as the neighborhood hangout for everybody.

For more information on Wakefield Crowbar, you can check them out online at

The Most Authentic Halal Food in Houston, #NeighborhoodSpotlight #movemetotx

For this week’s #NeighborhoodSpotlight, join us as we meet with Shadi Ardekani, the operations manager of Abu Omar Halal. Abu Omar is a very successful and ever expanding halal restaurant chain that actually started out as a food truck. The food truck got its start back in 2015 and found itself to be wildly popular so in February of 2020 is when they decided to open their first brick and mortar location.

Abu Omar prides themselves on being the most authentic halal food available to Houston. They currently have locations in Texas, Florida, and Oklahoma and as of now have no plans to stop expanding. The signature dish of this restaurant is the chicken shawarma arabi which is chicken, pickles, and garlic sauce wrapped in a tortilla and toasted. The founder, Mohammad Omar, said that he was the first to bring arabi to Houston and that his entire community was happy to finally have it available to them locally.

For more information on Abu Omar Halal and to check out their menu, you can check them out online at

Amazing At Home Bakery, Houston, #NeighborhoodSpotlight #movemetotx

For this week’s #NeighborhoodSpotlight, join us as we meet with Alex Wyatt, the Owner, Founder and Head Baker at Leona’s Bakeshop. Leona’s Bakeshop is an at home bakery that serves their baked goods through farmers market and home deliveries. They got their start back in September of 2019 and have been serving the Greater Houston area ever since.

Leona’s was started with something very special in mind: sharing the love and compassion of family through comforting sweets. Alex’s very own grandmother was the namesake for the bakery and he really wanted a way to honor her memory as well as share some of the recipes that she had shown him growing up. Leona’s Bakeshop offers a variety of baked goods from custom cakes to cookies to specialty seasonal items. Their menu is ever expanding so there will always be something new to try.

For more information on Leona’s Bakeshop and to place an online order for delivery, you can check them out at