Cozy East End Coffee Shop Opening Soon, East End, #neighborhoodspotlight #movemetotx

For this week’s #NeighborhoodSpotlight, join us as we meet with Hector Garcia, the owner of Oso Coffee. Oso coffee is a coffee shop that will be opening in the East End within the next couple of months. They have been doing pop-ups every Sunday for the last few months to let the community get a taste of what they are going to have to offer.

Something that sets Oso Coffee apart is that the building that Oso will be located in was actually just an old small home in the East End. They were able to purchase the property and have completely transformed it into what it is today. This really helps to emphasize the feeling of family and the friendly and familiar vibes that Oso wants to give off to its customers.

To stay up to date with Oso Coffee on opening plans, fundraising, and pop-ups, you can visit their website at

Physical Therapy Clinic Offering a Range of Rehab Services, Houston, #neighborhoodspotlight

For this week’s #NeighborhoodSpotlight, join us as we meet with Dr. Cece Cook, the owner of BusyBody Fitness & Rehab. Busy Body is a physical therapy clinic that offers not only physical therapy, but occupational therapy, and speech therapy as well. They started back in 2013 and have been helping clients back to their best body ever since.

One thing that sets BusyBody apart from other physical therapy clinics is the space they have created for their clients. Since they are a smaller business and as they describe it, more “boutique style,” they are able to create a very warm and welcoming environment to help put their clients at ease any time they have an appointment. Recently, they have been offering the majority of their services via Telehealth, but they are hoping to be back in person with the majority of their clients as soon as possible.

For more information on BusyBody Fitness & Rehab and the services they offer, visit them at

Innovative and Health-focused local Juicery, Houston, #neighborhoodspotlight #movemetotx

For this week’s #NeighborhoodSpotlight, join us as we meet with Victor, a team member at Earthcraft Juicery. Earthcraft Juicery’s main focus is to provide health and wellness to all their customers through the various products that they offer. Their specialty is their raw, cold-pressed juice, but they also offer a wealth of other products such as acai bowls and smoothies.

In their mission to make the healthiest and best products, Earthcraft also utilizes a lot of exotic superfoods that may not be as commonly known in the United States. They pick them based on their nutrient density as well as their antioxidant content just to make sure that every ingredient is truly adding to their juices and products. Earthcraft also offers a customizable raw juice cleanse which is meant to cleanse your body and really reset your system.

For more information on Earthcraft Juicery and to check out their menu, visit them at

Coffee Shop with Unique Offerings and International Perspectives, Heights Houston, #movemetotx

For this week’s #NeighborhoodSpotlight, join us as we meet with Jacob Ibarra, the owner of Tenfold Coffee. Coffee has always been a passion for Jacob and he wanted to bring everything that he has learned and experience about coffee back to Houston.

Tenfold Coffee is much more than just a cafe, their main focus is wanting to make good coffee accessible to the public and help them achieve their coffee related goals. This is why not only do they offer coffee for sale, retail and wholesale, they also offer classes for people to learn about things such as espresso extraction, cold brewing, and latte art!

For more information on Tenfold Coffee and to check out their offerings, visit them at

Local Irish Bar with Craft Beer and Cocktails, East End Houston,#neighborhoodspotlight #movemetotx

Join us as we meet with Paul Redmond, the owner and manager of the New Potato. The New Potato is an Irish bar that really focuses on serving the community and making everyone feel welcome.

The New Potato opened its doors back in July 2016 and since then they have only continued to grow as a bar. Paul really wanted to focus on opening a place that would embody the feeling of “family” and it quickly caught on within the neighborhood, becoming a favorite among locals of the area.

They have also become known for their outdoor backyard space which is perfect for hosting private events. They have even hosted a wedding here! And just in case you’re hungry, they are always hosting food trucks and pop-ups at the bar from tacos to crawfish.

If you would like to get more information about the New Potato, check them out at