Creative Lifestyle Store & Coffee Shop, Downtown Houston, #movemetotx​ #NeighborhoodSpotlight​

The Tipping Point has often been described as being “just plain cool.” With its unique concept and combination of business ideas, it’s easy to see why it gained this reputation. For this week’s #NeighborhoodSpotlight​, join us as we talk to David Rodriguez, one of the owners of The Tipping Point.

One of the coolest things about The Tipping Point is the way that they are able to so seamlessly blend coffee with art, music, streetwear, and all things culture. They originally started out as a strictly retail store where they would curate collections of footwear, books, art, apparel, music, and accessories. They had a mission of really wanting to expose new innovative products and ideas to all of their customers and just to Houston in general. The latest development has been the addition of the coffee shop portion. David has a history in culinary arts and had some experience with coffee in the past, so it just seemed like a natural next step. Currently, both the retail and coffee shop exist in the same location in Downtown Houston, but they want to eventually expand the coffee shop into its own location.

For more information on The Tipping Point and to check out their hours or some of their products, you can find them online at

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Brand New East End Bar with An Eco-Friendly Twist, Second Ward, #movemetotx​ #NeighborhoodSpotlight​

This new patio bar has tropical drinks, a laid-back environment, and an eye towards sustainability. For this week’s #NeighborhoodSpotlight​, join us as we talk to Rochelle Salinas, the public relations representative and wife of one of the owners of White Rhino.

This bar actually just opened this past month and has been a project that has been in motion for about a year now. With its laidback vibes and delicious cocktail list, this bar is sure to be a hit with the East End crowd. What truly makes White Rhino a unique bar though is their commitment to being eco-friendly along with their efforts towards animal conservation. They have several elements and features that are providing subtle yet insanely impactful eco-friendly touches to the bar. There are some seriously cool and innovative things going on at this bar and on top of that, they have committed to donating a portion of their profits to conservation efforts of endangered animals like their namesake, the white rhino.

For more information on White Rhino and to check out their hours and location, you can find them online at