EaDo & TIRZ 15 Development Meeting

We attended the EaDo & TIRZ 15 Public Input Meeting on December 11th at BBVA. TIRZ 15 and the East Downtown Management District are beginning a planning process to advance future development and infrastructure improvements in the zone.

EaDo Houston Realtor Katie Day

The East Downtown Management District provides services and improvements in six specific program areas, and are committed to continually improving the district for residents and visitors.

  • Public Safety and Security (working with law enforcement to ensure the area is crime free and a desirable area)
  • District Field Services (maintain attractive public spaces such as streetscapes, sidewalks, etc., they provide graffiti abatement, road maintenance, and landscaping)
  • Planning and Advocacy (planning coordination, project management, and public policy advocacy)
  • Business Development/Media Relations (encourage economic growth by promoting the East Downtown district as a place for urban-style residential neighborhoods, restaurants, entertainment, and more)
  • District Beautification (tree planting, landscaping, development of public spaces, etc)
  • District Administration

More information on the EaDo Management District can be found HERE.

One of the exciting takeaways from the meeting was that the road construction off of Dallas/Lamar should be complete by March 2019, and that they are planning on adding additional landscaping once construction is complete.

EaDo Houston Realtor Katie Day

Landscaping and Amenity Plans

The meeting was hosted by East Downtown Management District and TIRZ 15. TIRZ stands for “Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone” and is created by the City Council to promote and attract new investment, growth, and market development to a specific area. (For more information on TIRZ 15 (in EaDo), click HERE).

Growth from Downtown is limited to the North and West (due to the Bayou) and to the South (additional growth is limited as density has been increasing for 10+ years in Midtown, etc.), so EaDo is poised for additional growth, especially with the TXDot “EaDo cap” planned over 59. For more information on the Highway Projects, visit TXDot HERE.

Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 9.20.02 PM

Public Input for EaDo Improvements

The purpose of the meeting was to:

  • Provide a brief overview of planning efforts in East Downtown,
  • Review the outlook for planning efforts are heading, and
  • Obtain input and feedback from EaDo residents.

There will be more planning meetings to determine public goals and interests for the area.

Development goals discussed included:

  • To guide development that would be equal or better in quality and experience of public space improvements and accommodate similar development density as in any leading US City such as New York, Chicago, San Francisco and the like.
  • To encourage redevelopment that would retain area history and its character, yet attract new CBD projects to the area.
  • To provide for high quality area amenities and connectivity to venues such as the Buffalo Bayou, Discovery Green, Emancipation Park, the proposed EaDo Cap and Greater Houston by various modes including pedestrians & bicyclists.
  • To provide incentives through reimbursement of capital funds to businesses that would help achieve the desired physical character and functionality of the area.
  • To put in place development policies that would help achieve a vibrant, walkable, safe, and urban environment.
  • To put in place development polices and plan that would encourage seamless user experience between CBD and EaDo.
  • To attract urban activities that makes the area an 18-hour center.
  • To recognize the coming changes in transportation technologies that would affect land as well as built space utilization.
  • To enhance the user experience of the Entertainment District within EaDo, by building around the location of the existing entertainment venues, and to attract users from the greater Houston area.

For more information on East Downtown, or the Greater Houston area, reach out today!

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