Neighborhood Spotlight: Grit Grocery

We were thrilled to meet up with Grit Grocery at their “food truck” grocery store one freezing Monday afternoon in EaDo, outside of Circuit Apartments.  They are the first mobile grocery truck in Houston, and are proud to “bring the best of the farm back to the block.”

I had first discovered Grit through Instagram, and shortly after following their page, saw my friends featured, posting their Meal Bundles online. I was intrigued by the concept, and as a former Sunbasket/Blue Apron/Meal Subscription service user, liked the idea of being able to stop at an apartment around the corner and pick up dinner!

What’s important

Best of the Farm = Local. They look to create jobs, diversify the Houston economy, minimize food miles, provide maximum freshness, and reinforce the “seasonality” of food.

Unprocessed. Why eat what you can’t pronounce? They carry tons of local products, but most important — everything is REAL. No dyes, preservatives, pesticides, or hormones.

Back to the Block = Community. They tout that “they know your dog’s name” and are proud to be community based, with a small store format enabling genuine interaction and connection.

Experience. Shop with your shades on! They feature an open air store front and encourage you to walk, bike, or METRO to their location. Once you arrive, it’s a simple and easy experience.

Check out our quick interview with Michael Powell and Emily Jaschke, two thirds of the ownership team at Grit Grocery.

You can follow Grit on all the social medias (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) at @gritgrocery.

For more information on what’s going on in the Greater Houston area, follow us on social media at @movemetotx.

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