Neighborhood Spotlight: Tout Suite

Open Daily, Tout Suite describes themselves as “a collaborative outcome of world travels to create an exciting, lively cafe where one can enjoy simple, fine foods, baked goods, great coffee and a place to get some work done.”

Come hungry, as the food and the baked goods are both very tasty!  Tout Suite is a great place to grab a meal with a friend, catch up on work, or grab a quick cup of coffee on the way to work.  The restaurant is pretty big with lots of tables, but if you’re coming during “meal time” hours (ie: lunch time, brunch) things tend to fill up pretty quickly!

If you’re looking for an EaDo/East End home, or want more EaDo recommendations, reach out today!

Coldwell Banker United, REALTORS® – Metropolitan
Katie Day, REALTOR®
2 Greenway Plaza #150 Houston, TX 77046

Phone: 832.317.6006
Web: |

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