The Most Authentic Halal Food in Houston, #NeighborhoodSpotlight #movemetotx

For this week’s #NeighborhoodSpotlight, join us as we meet with Shadi Ardekani, the operations manager of Abu Omar Halal. Abu Omar is a very successful and ever expanding halal restaurant chain that actually started out as a food truck. The food truck got its start back in 2015 and found itself to be wildly popular so in February of 2020 is when they decided to open their first brick and mortar location.

Abu Omar prides themselves on being the most authentic halal food available to Houston. They currently have locations in Texas, Florida, and Oklahoma and as of now have no plans to stop expanding. The signature dish of this restaurant is the chicken shawarma arabi which is chicken, pickles, and garlic sauce wrapped in a tortilla and toasted. The founder, Mohammad Omar, said that he was the first to bring arabi to Houston and that his entire community was happy to finally have it available to them locally.

For more information on Abu Omar Halal and to check out their menu, you can check them out online at

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