#NeighborhoodSpotlight: F3 Cross Training #movemetotx

Join us as we meet with Sean Lester, owner of F3 Cross Training, to learn more about his studio! F3 stands for “fully functional fitness” and offers group fitness classes and kickboxing classes. Founded in 2007, Sean is proud to offer a dynamic and varied fitness program.

Every day is different and you won’t find the same workout repeated at F3. All of the workouts are strategically planned to challenge your body in ways that will optimize your fitness, strength, speed, and agility with a maximum calorie burn.

For more information about F3 Cross Training, visit http://www.f3crosstraining.com.

Our January #NeighborhoodSpotlight series focuses on health & wellness businesses in the Greater Houston area. We want to be your partner & resource for all things Houston & help highlight local businesses and entrepreneurs.

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