#FirstFriday: Mastrantos in the Houston Heights

Join us at Mastrantos Global Tastes, a new restaurant off of Studewood in the Woodland Heights, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Houston, originally platted in 1907. Watch us eat a ridiculous amount of food, chat about Houston Real Estate, and hang in the Woodland Heights!

Mastrantos is a family-owned restaurant opened by Xavier and Mari Godoy, serving up tasty breakfast/brunch and dinner (lunch to come in April). They feature great Venezuelan and Spanish inspired dishes, daily made handmade pasta, a “dough lab” with great fresh pastries. The croissants are buttery and flaky, and they have awesome flavors passionfruit and chocolate. Their espresso and coffee drinks are top-notch! They also have dairy free milk (and LOTS of choices).

Jesse Soto (aka Jesse in the Heights) has been to dinner multiple times and in addition to the pasta, says he dreams about the espresso-rubbed Tri-Tip. (You heard it here first).

Stop by Mastrantos for a meal & let them know we sent you! Follow along with their adventures at @mastrantos! (Facebook link HERE)

☎️: 832-317-6006
📩: katie@movemetotx.com
💻: http://www.movemetotx.com
#movemetotx #houstonheights #woodlandheights

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