Should I list my home NOW, or wait?

Happy Tuesday!!  Can you believe there are only 34 more days left in 2017!?  I’ve spoken with a lot of people lately on the right timing for listing their home for sale.  While your personal situation my vary (job transfer, holiday travel, moving across the country, new home under contract, moving across town…), I’d like to touch on FIVE items to consider when debating on when to list your home.

  1. Buyers are still out there.
  2. Winter buyers are serious.
  3. Buyers want to buy!
  4. You’re in control.
  5. Inventory will increase.

For a more in-depth look into these items, check out our video below:

Home sales generally drop slightly in January & February (when everyone else is listing their homes), but December is historically still a busy month!!

Historic Listings by Year

If you’re thinking about selling, let’s chat! I’d love to share a customized marketing strategy to market your home to sell for the highest possible dollar in the shortest amount of time!

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