Four Ways to Improve Your Business: My Takeaways from GenBlue

I keep repeating the same thing to myself as I think about Coldwell Banker’s GenBlue in Las Vegas this week: Man, WHAT A WEEK! I’ve had the opportunity to network with 5,999 of my peers affiliated with Coldwell Banker around the WORLD. I’ve had the opportunity to learn best marketing, listing, negotiating, and real estate-ing tips to help to improve my business and better serve my clients.

As I sit on an airplane from Vegas back to Houston, I’m attempting to review some of my notes & find the common themes and takeaways from the week. I’ve narrowed it down to about four general thoughts.  While my application for these is Real Estate Related, they really could be applied to any business.

  1. Know your why.
  2. Do what you love.
  3. Persistence and urgency will win.
  4. Try harder.

Know Your Why

While almost every person you speak to (Realtor or otherwise) has goals, those that are hyper focused and successful know their why. Your “why” may be intrinsic or extrinsic, it may be a future trip, future goal, a better future for your kids… or you may just need to save more money.

Take some time to think about WHY you want to get to $X million in gross sales, or WHY you need to make $X in gross commission a year. Once you actively focus on “why” you’re in business (and not just on the “what” you need to do), you’ll find yourself pushing each day to get closer to that goal.


Also — are you thinking big enough? Travis Robinson spoke about how your goals should excite you, but also should scare you a little bit. Think about this for a second: Everything you don’t have is sitting outside of your comfort zone. Don’t set goals that you know are attainable, set goals that will push you outside of your comfort zone, something that will cause you to work harder each day.

Do What You Love

Tom Ferry had a quote up on the screen while he spoke – “Do what you love, serving clients you love, for the people you love. That’s a great business.” Far too often, we interact with people (or things) we don’t love. We settle, perhaps because we think we don’t deserve more, or perhaps because it’s just easier.

Life is far too short to compromise our personal goals, beliefs, and comfort on things that we don’t love.


Persistence and Urgency Will Win

Throughout the week, I attended seminars on how to optimize my real estate business. We examined ways in which we can improve our relationships with our prospects, clients, former clients, and business partners. There are far too many “break points” in our customer cycle — places where we can optimize, but far too often, drop the ball. Most agents only follow up with a new prospect 1.3 times. Studies have shown that most “conversion” comes during the fifth to twelfth follow up. How do you stack up?

Not only do you need to be persistent in your follow up (and in your pursuit of your goals), you’ve got to be quicker. Clients are looking for a seamless, full-service experience, with no wait time. 42-45% of buyers and sellers expect to be contacted immediately when inquiring about a Realtor’s services.

Figure out how to immediately contact your clients and leads.  A crazy stat: when prospective clients wait more than thirty minutes, your odds of contacting them decrease by 1,000x. Let’s get more efficient!

Try Harder

In a constantly evolving industry like Real Estate (or just in a constantly evolving world), you’ve got to try harder than the competition to survive. Do you create an experience for your clients, or do you just react to things as they come up? The people that are massively resourceful are successful. They look at holes in their business and customer cycle and determine ways to proactively assist their customers. Take some time to figure out how you can leverage tools, people, and processes to streamline your business and create a seamless customer experience.

Should you be presented with the opportunity to network and interact with leaders in your industry in any shape or form, do it! GenBlue was an immersive experience — learning alongside 5,999 of my Coldwell Banker peers.

If you’re another agent that wants to network, let’s get in touch! If you’re thinking about renting, buying, selling, investing, or “real estating” in some way, call (or text… or email) me now!

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