Houston Restaurant Weeks


Today marks Day One of the best month of the year.  Houston Restaurant Weeks spans from August 1 through September 4th.  You’ll be able to dine at some of Houston’s great restaurants (from the Woodlands to Galveston, and everywhere in between).

For more information, visit the Houston Restaurant Weeks website.

HRW is the largest annual fundraiser for the Houston Food Bank.  Participating restaurants provide donations from meals sold throughout the event.

What’s the cost?
Restaurants have specific Restaurant Weeks menus for Brunch ($22, 2-3 courses), Lunch ($20, 2-3 courses), and Dinner ($35-45, 3-4 courses).

Donations from the restaurants range between $3 (9 meals provided by food bank) to $7 (21 meals) per meal.  One hundred percent of the donations raised from restaurants in these counties will go directly to their local area food banks.

Already have reservations? Let us know your top picks!

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