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If you find yourself in Pasadena and are looking for some amazing tacos at even better prices, you have to check out Primos Taco House. For this week’s #NeighborhoodSpotlight​, join us as we talk to Marcos Rodriguez and Joe Espinosa, two of the three founders/owners.

Primos Taco House is a very community oriented spot and they love offering tons of new specials and tacos based off of Houston icons and sports figures. They have even started hosting some local pop up markets for special occasions like their upcoming Valentine’s Day market. Something that also sets them apart is their fantastic barbecue. They wanted to really infuse something unique and special into their business so they’ve made a name for themselves by incorporating barbecue onto their menu in a variety of ways. You can often times find a barbecue plate or some fantastic barbecue tacos at Primos.

For more information on Primos Tacos, you can check them out on Instagram or Facebook at Primos Taco House.

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